Work from home in style- Amazing ways to ditch your Pajamas

work from home in style
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Ways to keep yourself stylish when working from home


What are you wearing for work today?

Hopefully, not your boring old sweats!

With work from home becoming the new normal, fashion becomes a bit peculiar.

Getting ready for office everyday used to be a huge part of our daily routine, it gave us the chance to start our day with some creativity and excitement (except for Morose Mondays!)

But with every situation, one must be prepared to change and adapt accordingly.

Having nothing to dress up for, our desire to put on an actual outfit has largely vanished.

Most of us that are working from home have switched our outfits from suits to pajamas.

The outfits that we used to wear in the past are for sure lying in the back of our closets.

work from home in style


Although you feel the most comfortable in your PJ’s there’s a downside to it

it could be difficult to separate our work lives from our personal life.

Today I just wanted to bring some light on how and why it is important to stay put together even at the comfort of your home.


1.Why to get dressed when you work from home?

Being fashionable can be a huge mood booster.

It always makes you Productive

Best piece of advice I can give to you all is-

  • Just get dressed first thing in the morning.
  • There’s a little bit of mind shift that gets you into work mode just by changing from your boring PJ’s.productive work from home
  • It is all about adding excitement to every day things so that even the mundane tasks don’t seem that way (brighten up your mood lighten up your spirits.)
  • This mentality shift is very important when staying productive at home

Maintains a Routine


  • Establishing a routine for yourself is really helpful in building good habits (it’s rewarding to yourself)
  • What you wear can change the attitude towards how you behave and work
  • It is important to bathe, dress up, be comfortable, look presentable.
  • It creates a work atmosphere in your from home style

Self care

  • I think it’s so important to put time and energy in yourself. It can definitely improve self esteem.
  •  The first principle of self-love is dressing up for yourself.
  • The biggest challenge is to maintain the right balance between laid-back and polished, so that you are dressed comfortably enough for an afternoon on the sofa, while still looking presentable enough to meet your colleagues on Zoom.

When you work from home, how you dress really sets the tone for the day.

Use your Style to feel confident, productive and motivated.

2.How to get dressed when you work from home?

Focus on a ‘Three-step style system’

Firstly, focus on color essential pieces and fit

  • You want to make sure that you are  focusing on core colors like black, white, tan, gray and navy (establish a uniform-it’s wise to have business clothing in neutral shades)
  • Make sure you have those in your wardrobe because that will allow you to create outfits easily.
  • Add a pop of color once in a while to brighten up your mood and to also bring some life and personality to your outfit. work from home outfits

Secondly, Wear outfits that are comfortable yet smart

  • You just need a handful of comfy yet stylish outfits (make it fun but stylish)
  • Choose a clothing that you’ll actually go out in- ask yourself, would I go to a local market dressed in sweats?

Add an element of comfort and practicality.

Thirdly, always perk up your makeup look 

  • Put a little effort onto your face to look put from home make up
  • You don’t need to do a full face makeup everyday, just wash your face, brush your hair, put on some moisturizer, curl your lashes and some lip gloss for that extra shine


3. So what are some outfits to work from home in style ?

Now that we know why is it important to dress a certain way,

here are some realistic outfits that you can recreate yourself !

Your place at home might not be perfectly set up as compared to your office, that is why it is important that you are dressed comfortably and look presentable when you work from home.

Choose soft, loose-fitting garments

  • Maxi dresses are a great way to look stylish and are easy to wear and care free.
  • Some loose t-shirts that you may otherwise wear out on weekendscasual outfits
  • Semi formal Shirts– that feels soft on your skin and adds a bit of professionalism (comfier versions of collared shirt)
  • Throw on your favorite jumpsuit and pair it up with a loose cardigan (extra points if you wear a single tone to give it a chic look)
  • Make a statement with Kurtis– loose Kurtis always score high when it comes to the comfort quotient.
  • Go for bold colored striped tops or sweat shirts– bright colors always look better


Pick the right pair of pants

Opt for stretchy waistbands and elasticized items.

  • A loose flowy skirt– it is light and airy and great for working from home particularly on a sunny day.
  • Straight leg chinos– these are so simple, beautiful and the most from home pants
  • Paper-bag pants– these high waisted tied up pants are great for at home work or when you’re lounging around.
  • A good pair of joggers– t here’s a plenty of stretch to it.
  • Wide legged pull on pants/ culottes– these pants can be your new BFF (one step up from pajamas!)

A business casual look

On days when you want to go a little bit of extra for that virtual meet-

  • Go for pair your favorite jeans and t shirt with a blazerbusiness casual
  • Go for blouses and tops with patterns like plaids, muted floral, and prints like geometric, polka dot and more.
  • Keep your neckline somewhat modest with a collared neck, boat neck, square neck, or even a turtleneck.

Add on some accessories

  • Wear eye catching accessories like earrings and a necklace to feel more put together (only when you’re on a virtual meeting)
  • Feel free to ditch the accessories otherwise.
  • Hair accessories are often an easy way to style up- put on a cute satin scrunchy or a clip on for that extra bling. (always add a pop of color in your accessories to transform your outfit)

Step into the right shoes

wfh shoes

  • A pair of slip-on’s,
  • Soft flats,
  • Some pool sliders,
  • Or may be some mules once in a while

are ideal when you work from home.

Or maybe how about no shoes?


Strike a style-comfort balance and that is pretty much it!

I hope this post offers some ideas for what to wear while you work from home in style and serves as a little respite from all that is happening in the world.


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  2. Yes, getting “dressed for work” every day is a huge esteem booster! I am sure to put on a cute top and makeup with comfy pants every day so that I feel good about myself. I do miss my cute heels and lipstick though.

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