How to organize your wardrobe-7 easy and smart ways.

organize wardrobe
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Trying to figure out how to clear up the mess around your closet ?

Today, I would like to bring some light on – How to Organize your Wardrobe in 7 easy and smart ways!


These organizing tips will not only make your closet look fancy, but it will also help you in finding out your favorite sweater or that ribbed jeans and your go to office button down shirt  in just a look.

How to organize your wardrobe mainly depends on the space you have, your personality and the kind of lifestyle you live.

With these easy to adapt organizing tips you won’t have to shuffle through the wardrobe. And save your valuable time every morning.

I know organizing your wardrobe is not an easy task. But with some effort and practice you are sure to make your wardrobe neat and attractive in no time.

Follow these 7 organizing strategies to organize your wardrobe for good.

I promise, it will be worth it!

1. De-clutter BEFORE Organizing-

Marie Kondo has some of the best ideas for tidying up all the mess in your closet.

Basically, here’s how it works- pull out all the clothes from your wardrobe and go through them one at a time.declutter your wardrobe

  • An empty space not only helps you to understand the amount of space that you have. But it also helps you to identify whether you have 10 different shirts that you no longer wear.
  • Get rid of all the unwanted items- Donate or Sell all the unwanted or unused items.
  • Separate your clothes in different categories and pile them up so that it’s easier to compare similar clothes when they’re all grouped together right in front of you.

You can also find some more help from my blog post for downsizing your messy wardrobe.

2.Analyze your ideal closet space

Analyze your ideal closet space, and get creative with whatever space you have. You might have most of horizontal spaces in your wardrobe, built in shelves or a good amount of vertical space to hang in your clothes.wardrobe space

  • For horizontal spaces- Stack in your thick items like sweaters and denims by folding them in a neat way. Doing this, you’ll be able to see all your clothes more clearly, making it easier to find whatever you’re looking for.
  • For vertical spaces- Metal rods, hooks, adjustable shelves- these are some of the multiple ways find additional storage for your vertical space.

3. Organize your wardrobe by type/category

This tip might seem very much obvious, but it makes quite a lot of difference.

Make a pile of each clothing and arrange them in a particular section.

Keep like items together, group them together. For instance, make sure all the shirts go in one pile, and work pants in another.organize your wardrobe by category

Also. Working in categories will help you figure out how much space is required.

Separate your clothing into neat categories and re-arrange them so they look prim and tidy. Keep your most worn clothes at your eye level, so that you don’t have to shuffle through your closet every morning.

4. Organize by color

While this may take a little extra effort and is time-consuming, it is beneficial in the long run.

The end result will help picking out your outfit much easier.

color coordinate

But, you must be wondering how do I know which color to start from?

No need to drive yourself crazy! It’s an easy solution, the most popular and easy way to arrange your clothes is by the putting them up as Rainbow colors (ROYGBIV to be precise!)

Also, all the black and whites and the neutrals can go in either of the 2 sides of the color coordinated clothes.



5. Invest in Wardrobe Organizers

Luckily, there are tons of budget-friendly organizing tools available for closet storage.

There are many departmental stores and online stores offering a great deal for such tools.

  • Hangers- For most of your vertical space, invest in the same kind of hangers, get rid of all the mismatched hangers for a streamlined look. Hang anything thhangers to organize your wardrobeat is light weight, or delicate. You can also hang in your unruly scarves and keep them wrinkle free and easy to access! (Scarves are always tricky to tame.)
  • Drawer –Drawers are a great way to store your lingerie, line up your bras and undies by neatly rolling them up or folding each piece.  (Avoid crushing your intimates by throwing them away anywhere).

You can also opt in for roll and tuck technique for thin and pliable clothes like cotton t-shirts, workout clothes or pajamas. (This is a major space-saver!)tuck and roll clothes

  • Drawer dividers/organizers- To maximize the space in the drawers, making compartments makes it easier to keep everything segregated and find out rolled hook hangers to organize your wardrobesocks and tights quite easily.


  • Over the door organizers – If your wardrobe has a lot of empty space, this multi- functional organizer is also very helpful in hanging your belts as well as scarves. (Super savers on wardrobe doors!)

The best thing about this organizer is that it has hooks and also hangers, both.

  • Multi-pocket organizer- This can be used on the other side of the wardrobe storage baskets to organize your wardrobedoor to hang up small items.
  • Baskets/Storage Boxes- Sometimes, there might be a lot of space beneath the hung clothes, add some baskets or boxes to make it more functional.

This way you can just pull out the basket pick up what you want! You can also label them for an easier access and to optimize your space.

  • Garment Bags- One of the best way to protect your barely worn clothes like suits or formal dresses. Store them out of the way back in your wardrobe in one of these bags.

These tools are amazingly helpful in organizing your wardrobe essentials.

6.Separate out your seasonal clothing

Any seasonal item like sweaters or trench coats, used once in a while, can be stored separately and out of your view until it is needed. The best way to organize your wardrobe, is by placing them in a basket or a storage box.seasonal clothes- sweaters

Also, this will help your clothing to prevent from pests and make them durable.

7.When in doubt, extend your wardrobe in your bedroom

utilize your room space

A simple but stylish clothing rack, or a flexible furniture can make a great room décor if you add some of your stylish and elegant pieces out there.

A small space in one of the corners of your room can be a fluid way for your go-to dresses!

Find hidden spaces and make them functional!

Even a small wardrobe can also become efficient if you have the idea of how to utilize that space.

Hope this was a simple and effective way to know ‘how can you organize your wardrobe’


Let me know down below in the comments!






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