Makeup for zoom meetings-5 easy ways to look your best on video calls

makeup for zoom meetings
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The Easiest Makeup For Zoom Meetings While Working From Home


We all have been working from home for quite a while now , and it doesn’t seem to change so early. If you  are someone who has to do a lot of virtual calls or participate in the meetings or virtual celebrations, these tips will help you achieve that look. Makeup for zoom meetings is quite simple.

With all the client calls, training sessions, special announcements (like your BFF getting married!), and more. We all are just stuck!

Thankfully, we don’t have to put too much of effort to look upbeat and polished while on virtual calls.

I know a lot of you all must be thinking do we need to do a full face makeup, do we actually need to  get dressed. Well, actually you don’t have to fully dress up like you did while going to the office. But, dress up and do your makeup, keep it to a minimum so that you don’t spend a full hour in the morning just for your makeup.

These makeup looks are all about looking as good on virtual calls as you look in person. And, it will take around just 15-20 minutes of your time!


Moisturize –


This should be the very first thing, to make your skin a little awake so that you don’t look dull and faded. Use a toner or a hydrating lotion to refresh your skin and give it that sort of restart before you apply any makeup.  (prep that canvas!)

The added glow is a benefit, which allows you to use lesser foundation.


Makeup For Zoom Meetings-

To look just more nicer while on zoom calls, accentuate your best features and hide the less desired ones!

1. Glowing Skin-

Glowing skin is always a good idea for a fresh-faced look.

Use an illuminating light-weight foundation, which gives you that extra for zoom meetings

To completely avoid the foundation, you can also use concealer to hide any blemishes and dark spots. (The camera instantly picks up any redness or dark spots on the skin.)

You can opt for a lighter shade of concealer, so that your face looks bright.

Adding highlighter can never go wrong, as they pick up extra light. This makes your cheekbones glowy!


2. Bold Lips and Brows-

Pay more attention to your brows and lips.

Accentuate your brows by brushing it and fill it up by making it a bit darker. An undone brow can drag down your entire face. But, groomed and brushed up brows go a long way and gives that polished look to your face and emphasizes your eyes. bold lips makeup for zoom meetings

A bold lip color is another way, which makes your face pop on screen. Also, it makes your face more awake and vibrant.

Don’t be afraid to overline your lips and make it more pouty. Even if you over do it just a bit, no one would be able to tell!

Also, adding a bit of a gloss will make your lips more plump and hydrated.


3. Bright Eyes-

When seen on camera, that eye look you created looks nothing like it does in the mirror, you appear dull and flushed out. (we’ve all been there!)bright eyeshadow

Makeup for zoom meetings, should be the one defining your eyes and other features and not look like it’s too much. 

When it comes to your eyes, don’t be afraid to play with colors.

To look more awake, you can actually make your eyes appear big by popping in a bright hue eyeshadow and sweeping it across your lid.

Definitely, try bold eyeliner looks.

4. Longer Lashes-

To really widen and open up your eyes, curl your lashes. And apply generous amount of mascara, as it will make your eyes look wide and awake.longer eyelashes

Layer your mascara and make your eyelashes fuller and longer to give your eyes more definition. A few coats of mascara, lengthens and volumizes your eyelashes and gives you a more awake looking eyes.

Apply kohl or eyeliner to the upper waterline to make the eyelashes fuller at the base.


5. Peachy Cheeks- 

We all know, that the camera tends to give a flushed out effect to our face, making us look pale. blush- makeup for zoom meetings

Applying a pop of color to your cheeks, gives you a youthful look that will defy the camera. Add a little extra than you usually apply.

Go for a bright and warm shade of blush, and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. This gives a little bit of brightness to your face.





To make your face look even more fresh, sit in front of a window or a balcony to grab all the natural light. This will make your face look even more brighter.

The key here is to stay more neutral for a business meeting and to get more glam when attending a virtual party.

Makeup for zoom meetings should be convincing and confident.

Hope these makeup tips are helpful in achieving the look.




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