Organize Jewelry- 10 Genius and Amazingly Clever Ways

how to organize jewelry
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10 Clever Organizing Solutions For Your Jewelry

“Organize jewelry to keep your collection tidy, and untangled with these easy tips.”

I know getting organized is quite a bit of a task!
But once you’ve figured out a way to keep things organized and in place, it doesn’t seem to be that tough as you earlier thought.

If you are someone like me, I always lose track of my headbands, accessories, jewelry just at the time when I need them the most!

If you have a closet full of organized clothes, but struggle to organize your jewelry, this post is for you!
And if your closet is a mess, you can check out this comprehensive guide to decluttering your closet. 
Once you organize your closet I am sure you might even find some of the accessories lying around the corner!

If you have ever worn the same jewelry over and over again, just because it was easier to hunt it down, let’s dive in and find some best ways to organize your jewelry and accessories.

collect and organize jewelry and accessories


Now, before you start organizing your jewelry and accessories, gather all of those accessories in one place.



Since we are grabbing in all the jewelry and accessories it is better to sort them out beforehand (to avoid messing around)
For a better visual, categorizing your accessories is a great way.
Keep all the necklaces piled up in one corner, all the earrings stacked in the other. You get the idea, right?

STEP 3- SORT OUTcategorize jewelry

Separate the accessories by type, put your chunky jewelry in one pile and the delicate chains in another.
Start with one category and make yourself work through the others one at a time.

  • Neckpieces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • And so on…

Make sure to inspect all of the pieces that are damaged or that you no longer wear.


As you are going through the pieces, make separate piles of what you want to keep and what you want to discard.
Decide on whether you want to donate, give them to a friend, repair them, or put them up on a thrift store (extra bucks here!)
By clearing out all the unwanted items, it will be incredibly easy for you to figure out how you want to store those items.


Once you have decided what pieces to keep, here comes all the hard work. But let me make it easier for you.
With these 10 genius ways to organize your jewelry, you’ll never have to go through that tangled mess ever again!
These tips will help you keep everything organized and make everything look beautiful and elegant.

Once you have all the like accessories together, this will help reduce the clutter.
And with everything in one place, you don’t need to hunt for your favorite pair every time you get ready!

Select the right Supplies and Resources to organize jewelry-

The key to organizing any space is to have the right resources.
There are many things that I would recommend you to have while organizing your jewelry, as this will make your task much easier and faster.
Some of them are listed down below.

Ideas To Organize Small Jewelry-

When it comes to organizing your jewelry, there are a lot of creative ways in which you can store them.

1. A Fashionable Display for the Countertop 

Velvet Stands are a great way if you want to display your jewelry organizer stand
If you have the space to display, the best way to organize jewelry are these stands.
For a more relaxed display of jewelry, you can opt-in for a piece of sculptured decor that gives an effortless look.


2. Decorative Bowls and Trays-organize jewelry with decorative dishes and trays

You can also use small decorative bowls or trays for bracelets or rings.
These trays and bowls instantly elevate the style. You can place them over the top of the dresser, vanity, or a nightstand. This even makes the accessories easy to access.

3. Modular Organizers 

For a very controlled way of organization, modular organizers should be your choice. This is great when organizing large pieces.
Group your jewelry and accessories by metal type, organize jewelry by color, style. 
Modular organizers are a creative way to keep all your items compartmentalized.
You can label them up for a better and easy reach.

4. Clear Acrylic Organizers 

Clear Acrylic organizers look clean, neat, and minimal and blend with any type of home decor.
These are lightweight and are a perfect addition to show off your prettiest pieces. 
They are also stackable and this saves on to your space. Perfect for small spaces!
This will be a true standout piece in itself.

5. Pocket Organizers

Clear hanging Pocket organizers can be used to store many items and are a fabulous way to protect your accessories.
Delicate jewelry pieces cannot be stored in these pocket organizers. But chunky bracelets, fashion rings, and store small items like scarves, socks.

6. Designate a Jewelry Drawer or a Box 

Assign a shallow drawer in your closet for organizing all your jewelry.
You can also assign a jewelry drawer organizer that has multiple compartments of different sizes in it.
This will make it easier for you to separate and sort out necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more within those slots.
To double out your storage you can go for a stackable jewelry organizer.
Perhaps one of the favorite ways to organize jewelry and accessories.

7. Wall-mounted Hooks and Knobs-

If you find yourself struggling with tangled neckpieces and mismatched earrings, consider hanging them on-wall-mounted decorative hooks. 
Attach decorative hooks and knobs, just near your dressing area to display your necklaces.

8. Designated Wall Hanger- 

This is another way to display all your necklaces, scarves, bracelets, and other accessories that hang.
Affix a place where you want your accessories to be displayed, near your dressing table.
This Wall Hanger looks striking when all the accessories are lined up in a row.

9. Door and wall rack 

If you want something prettier and rustic, repurpose your Coat Racks.
It’s big enough to accommodate all of your accessories. They make great jewelry organizers!
You can also purchase a wall-mounted organizer and hang it above your dressing table.


10. Utility boards/ Pegboards organize jewelry with pegboard

Pegboards are not just for garages, mind you!
If you are short on space, a pegboard can make a great display case for your jewelry.
This is a smart and easy way to hang in all your earrings.
Also, it’s low maintenance, saves a lot of space, and looks lovely!



Whether you want to display your pieces or tuck them away in a box, these are some of the stylish and functional supplies to choose from when organizing your jewelry. 

Are you more of a display rack person or a jewelry box type? Let me know! 


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