Creative Home Office Ideas- 5 ways to Make Your Room Work Proof

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5 ways to Make Your Room Work Proof- Creative Home Office Ideas


As the pandemic of COVID-19 continues, many of us have been working from home.
This situation has lasted longer than anticipated.
And this might not be ideal but there are perks of not commuting to work each and every day (not a big deal for most of us)

Working from home might be fun, but staying motivated in your place of comfort can be difficult.
In order to stay motivated while working, it is essential to have a home office that not only looks amazing but also a space for productivity and fresh inspiration.5 ways to Make Your Room Work Proof

Our homes are our retreat from the madness that is happening all around the world ,so why not make it the most comfortable place.

I am a firm believer that you need to love this space you’re in whether that’s your home, or your home office. 

I think you need to absolutely love where you are to have the best results and be the most productive.

A dedicated workspace in your home helps you avoid all your household distractions and focus on work.

Owing to the pandemic, home office has now become a necessity (which was first a nice benefit)

Also, It’s a general thinking that having a room reformation takes a lot of money, time and effort.

But let me tell you that arranging your room according to your own taste is doable without spending a lot of time and money.

Thinking of how to do it?

Here are some creative and cute ideas and tips to incorporate in your home office..

With Pinterest and other design boards, it’s easy to stack a gallery of inspiration that will serve and also guide us on everything.

Take a glance at various websites for ideas pertaining to home office- you may find perfect way to play with colors or a more neutral, minimal and monochromatic theme (get some ideas, whatever matches your taste)

Here are 5 ways to Make Your Room Work Proof-

1. Consider the purpose of your office space

Before choosing a place to set up, it’s very essential to ask yourself what do you want to accomplish from your workspace.

  • Whether you need a small corner or an entire designated room for your home office?


  • Whether you need a small space just to park your laptop ?


  • Do you need to pile up your office files and documents ?

This will help you determine how much space is needed.

2.Find your Inspirations- Personalize that space

One of the most important parts of creating your own little space is adding your style and personality in it, also your hobbies and activities.home office

How to design your home office or any room in your house is a totally personal decision of adding your own aesthetics.

To make your Home Office look amazing and yet comfortable, you should add pieces that describe you the best.

Own that space by adding some personal touch.

But the key here is to think about your own needs that make you feel comfortable and at peace.

For that matter, colors, arrangement of furniture and decoration is the main key.

  • If you’re a creative soul, a great way to spark your creativity is by show casing your art on wall.
  • Think of colorful frames, art prints, quotes, a beloved painting or your favorite scented candle.inspiration
  • Add greenery- A well placed plant in your workspace not only will look pretty, it will also clear up the air in your workspace. (looking at greenery boosts up your mood)plants near workplace
  • Also, personal moments with your friends and family can help make the space specifically yours.
  • Add some wallpaper- It is a simple way to make your home office space feel more personalized. It would be perfect to brighten up your space.
  • Adding a rug under your desk to help your workspace feel cozy and at ease. Not only will it add warmth to your office, it will also avoid the floor from unnecessary scratches.

3. Choose a well lit-up space (Make it a room with a view)

Now that you have known the purpose of the set up, choose a place with perfect lighting.

Natural light is always the key.

Look for an open space near a window or the balcony.

If you couldn’t find a space near natural lighting, consider purchasing a lamp (hanging lamp to save up your desk space )

You can also use LED bulbs that mimic daylight.

Make it a space  with a view- it gives you and improved mood and alertness.

4.Make an ergonomically correct workplace

Once you have chosen up your space, measure the area you’re working with.

  • Consider searching your local market for a simple yet modern Desk.
  • A desk with multiple cabinets will help you stay organized and it will help in avoiding piles of documents on the table.Make Your Room Work Proof

Make sure, the desk you’re purchasing is just at the right height, at your arm level. This will avoid unnecessary stress to your wrists and also your shoulders.

  • Your Chair is another piece which is essential, opt for something comfortable and practical.
    Commit to a chair which is comfortable with some functions. (Comfort over style)

Consider purchasing a chair, which allows your feet to lay flat on the ground, designed to improve comfort, health, and productivity.Make Your Room Work Proof- furniture

An ergonomical workplace can help protect your spine (back), neck and shoulders.

Remember, your furniture doesn’t have to be too pricey.

5. Stay organized.

Don’t forget to add in some organizational accessories to keep the area clean and avoid unnecessary mess.

  • An easy to access metal wall grid right at the wall above your desk is also a great piece to hang in all your other supplies and folders from clips or hooks, you can also keep your notes or reminders.Metal grid
  • A Pegboard- Whether or not your work involves crafting or making items, a pegboard works wonders in a home office. It allows you to further customize your space. You can suspend a variety of things without digging an excess amount of holes in your walls!
  • Mini office in a Basket- If you have less space, a small basket is a good way to store (and hide) paperwork. This helps to keep your clutter away from everyone’s plain sight.Filing cabinet in baskets

    Also, You could find a filing cabinet or basket that fits under or over your desk to store your office supplies like office files or folders.

    Hope these 5 ways to Make Your Room Work Proof help you all to make a comfortable workplace in the confines of your own home.

    Also, Do check out-  Ways to keep yourself stylish when working from home.

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  1. This whole post and your website are all so gorgeous!! Loving the girly, pastel theme – totally my aesthetic as well. Picking a purpose for your office is truly fundamental.

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