Define Your Style: 10 Steps to Finding Your Personal Style

finding your personal style
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10 Steps To Finding Your Personal Style

Do you find yourself in the closet full of things but nothing to wear?

Or do you hate everything in your current wardrobe?

Or you always feel you’re just wearing what’s trending, but not what you actually like?

Finding your personal style never comes easy to anyone and that’s totally fine! 

Worry not people, I am here to help you out so these situations never happen again!

unique wardrobe- finding your personal style

I’ll share some of the tips and tricks that will help you curate your own closet.

Honestly, it requires a little bit of introspection and patience.

So, Let’s break down the Steps in Finding your Personal Style-


1. Create a Fashion Mood Board

The initial step to finding your personal style is to “gather all possible the data”

You have access to the universe of outfit ideas.

Make liberal use of Pins, saves, and bookmarks on apps like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, also browse through magazines and books (old afashion mood board for finding your personal stylend new).

Firstly, start by making a list of all the styles and outfits you’ve been eyeing on all this while.

Also, create a mini collection on your scrapbook, folders, social medias. (Only if you wanna be a bit crafty)

Keep an eye for recurring-

  • pieces
  • fits
  • colors
  • patterns
  • textures/fabrics
  • style


2. Find your Inspirations

Similarly, couple of other places to check out when you’re still trying to figure out what pieces you gravitate towards are Movies and TV shows.

Collect screenshots of stylish characters from movies and inspiration rachel greene

What types of clothing your favorite characters are wearing. (Rachel Greene or Carry Bradshaw anyone?)

And of course see what celebrities or influencers or content creators that you follow, what outfits and pieces that they wear you really like (the pattern, style, prints or textures and so on)

Look up from your screen as well :

On the other hand, also take note of what your friends, coworkers, and strangers are wearing; which you compliment the most.

But don’t forget to keep those images on your phone, so that you can go back to them while shopping.

3.Find your Style Icon 

A little homework for y’all here- just google style icon.

Don’t bother about who the celebrity is just look at the images that you like and save them for later!

The key in finding your personal style is not copying those style icons exactly the way they dress,

But it is more like  ‘How can I interpret that for myself?’ Or, ‘What could I take from that and bring it into my daily life?’”

It doesn’t have to be a head-to-toe outfit — it could even be sort of color pairing or a new-to-you design/pattern or anything.

(“Copy”- it always has a bad reputation, but everyone gets their inspiration by doing so)


4.  Don’t just follow Trends

Usually you just end up buying that’s actually “in trend” which is almost everywhere and not because its something you actually love.

(But…Not all trends are bad though! Just find what suits you and your style)

As a result, we spend way too much time and money following the so called “trends” seen all over social media, or the malls! mall trends

Take a break, stop going to the malls for quite a bit (PS- also, it’s also good for the pockets! )

  • Try thrift shopping- you might find beautiful pieces, but make sure it compliments your style.
  • Go through your closet -Look into your closet and see what pieces are the ones that you wear the most
  • Never be afraid to experiment. There is a thin line between really disliking something and just being afraid to try something new.

 Don’t let the world stop you from trying new style!


5.Play to your Strengths 

Is there something people compliment you on?heels

Whether it’s your amazing footwear game or your ability to style dresses like nobody else!

Wear outfits that play to your best style strengths will always look stylish, no matter what is  trending currently.

Always, add something or the other which people compliment you on.

6.De-clutter /Edit your own closet 

A closet clean-out pushes you to evaluate what actually works for you and your body.

Start by taking everything out at once, so that you don’t forget about all the pieces and dresses lurking out of the view.closet, fit

Then, eliminate pieces that still have tags on them lying just for your future self, are stained,  beyond repair, and/or are too uncomfortable to wear.

You can also put them up for a sale on thrift stores.

Or maybe just DIY some loose denims and turn them into cool shorts! (There’s always a second life for your clothes)

7.Learn your Body Type

Your body is the ultimate canvas for you to paint things on.body shapes and body type- guide to finding your personal style

Learn your proportions correctly (invest time in yourself! )

Also, know your best features and try to accentuate it.

Every body is different.

Most women are a mix of different body shapes (pear shaped, oval, petite and so on), what suits you might not suit your friend with different body shape.

Learning what’s best for your body and to love yourself with all the insecurities, will help you understand how to flatter and rock every outfit!

8.Make a tailor your best friend

Your closet is most likely plagued with an ill fitting outfit which you just bought by thinking “so what if it doesn’t fit perfectly – at this price, it’s a steal!”tailor

Certainly, we all own clothes that we promised ourselves we’ll be wearing it but they end up lying in our closet just like that

That’s why, like a favorite pizza place or a family doctor, you also want to be sure you have a local tailor you can contact in times of despair/mishap!


9.Find your Go-To Colors

Start by trying on different colors, so think about which colors make you feel great when you look at them, as well as which resonates your personality.colors

But, to clarify, you don’t have to wear your signature colors every single day, but wearing them more often will help make them as uniquely yours.

Also, try wearing some combos and see what looks best on you. (Always ask for a second opinion)

Introspection and patience, never forget!

10.Bling it on with accessories!

Never underestimate the power of accessories. It is vital to choose the correct accessories because they can amp up the whole look and make you look fabulous.accessories for finding your personal style

  • Signature jewelries
  • Modest bags
  • Statement rings and neck-pieces
  • Classy heels

For instance, grab a cool purse, add some gold necklace in an all black outfit, and throw on some right pair of shoes, and just like that you’re ready to take on the town!

Switch the accessories every time on the same outfit and see the magic of fashion!
But don’t over-do it.

There are a million ways out there.


Remember- finding your personal style is an overtime process, it takes time to find gem pieces that you’re looking for.

Above all, it’s all about mixing and matching until you find what’s best for you.

Just have fun with it, but don’t confine yourself to a particular label.

Embrace your uniqueness and dress to impress yourself.

Originality – that’s the simplest personal style tip you can ever have. Wear what you love!



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