Beauty style- 6 effortless tips to find your beauty poise

beauty style
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6 Tips to help you Find Your Beauty Style.


Do you always find yourself experimenting with different beauty style?

Are you a fan of minimal or natural look?

Or do you like to to put a full glam makeup on?

Struggling to find answers to these questions? You’re in the right place!

Everyone has different beauty style and approach towards makeup. Some may love a full face makeup while some don’t like wearing it all!

Finding your beauty style isn’t something you can do overnight. But there are strategies you can use to learn more about your features and try what works for you.

Trying to figure out your beauty style and personal style can be difficult. When in our 20’s we try to experiment with our style a lot.

The fashion industry evolves overtime and the beauty industry constantly comes out with various brands. TBH, it makes it quite confusing to choose one.

Finding your beauty style basically means finding out what’s best for your skin and figuring out what’s attractive about you.

Now, let’s look at how you can find your beauty style that compliments your skin, and your personality.


1.Emphasize your Facial Features-

Finding your beauty style begins at learning your face shape, and facial features. And then emphasizing what looks best on you.

I agree, no face is perfect. We all have “flaws” that we want to be faded in the background. But we all have features that we love and are fond of.

Instead of focusing on your “flaws”, focus on what’s best on your style, facial features

Ask yourself- 

What is the one feature that people always compliment you for?

What facial feature of yours do you love the most?

Is it your jawline? Your prominent cheekbones? Or your big brown eyes?

Blessed with a perfect skin? Show it off!

 Play up to your strength and enhance the feature that you get most compliments on.

Also, know that the eyebrows will always frame your face. Keep your eyebrows neatly shaped. This will bring out the best on you face.

Highlight the qualities that make you special. Be it your big eyes, your flawless skin or those plumped up lips.

2.Learn your Skin Type And Take Care of it

If you want a healthy and flawless skin, it is very essential to know your skin type

Every skin type reacts differently to each ingredient? Which is why, knowing your unique skin type allows you to select the right products for your skin. And it will also help you maintain a skin care regimen that will work best for you.

Have a skin care regimen, that makes your skin looks fresh, and healthy.

Exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Moisturize daily with lotion, cream or oil to keep it soft.

Skincare not only involves cleaning and moisturizing it with a lotion, it also involves having a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and drinking a whole lot amount of water.

Having an even skin tone will make your skin plush. Having a dry and dull skin won’t let you show the world your best self!

3.Find your Beauty Style Icon 

I have also mentioned about looking for inspiration from style icons to find your personal style. It goes the same for finding your beauty style icon

For instance, you may find a lot of  Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube influencer’s makeup, personal style, and skincare results fascinating.

Make a collection of the beauty trends and looks that you are drawn towards. You’ll start to see repeat of the trends in your collection, have a close look of their features and find similarities with yours. Once you have a few people in mind, note their makeup looks, and the products they use.

Pay close attention to how their entire look comes together. Once you have analyzed, you can start incorporating their beauty trends and experiment with what suits you the best.

Also, don’t just stick to a single trend. Experiment!


4.Find A Hairdo Which Suits You

Wonder why that long bob suits Kendall, and not you?hairstyle, beauty style

It’s probably because you don’t have the same face cut as hers.

Many people have different face shapes. Again, here, the basic rule of finding a great haircut for your face shape is to highlight your best features. (can’t emphasize on this enough!)

When choosing a hairstyle, it’s important to know your face shape

Before going under the barber’s scissors, it’s worth knowing which hairstyle suits your face. Taking an advice from the expert, will help you determine what length, shape and hair color will look the best on you.

The right haircut and hair color will frame your entire face and showcase the best features, for a flattering look.

5.Experiment With Different Styles

It’s very easy to remain in your comfort zone, but everyone knows change begins at the end of it.different beauty syle

I know makeup can be quite intimidating especially when you are trying new things. The risk is real!

But the best discoveries happen with new experiments!

You can start by switching up a few things.


 Pro Tip: Add something new without changing up the entire game.

  • Never tried a bold lip color? Try it on!
  • Can’t perfect that winged eyeliner? Practice!
  • Fan of nudes? Switch it up and add an extra pop of color.

Perhaps, you may just stumble upon your go to beauty style!

6.Know That Sometimes Less Is More

Every woman thinks of rocking that full glam makeup trend, the runway look, with smokey eyes and extra bold lips. But think about it… Will it look good on you? Will it suit your features?

Finding your beauty style is about enhancing your natural beauty, and not just follow all the incoming trends.less is more

If you know that your best feature are your eyes, then opt in for emphasizing on your eye looks.

Have a glowy skin? Play down with your foundation and pack some highlighter on top.

Luscious lashes? Add coats of mascara!

Remember, there’s no need to put a full glam makeup look always. (Less is always More!)

Every women is pretty without a makeup on, but finding your beauty style and working on it will just give you an extra pop!

Everyone is different and so is their beauty style. For you it could be wanting to play up with your best feature or it could be to fade down the less desired one.

The key here is to maintain a balance between both of it.

Regardless, it’s worth while to break out from your comfort zone and switch things up to perfect your own beauty style.

Simply, find something what suits you and play around with it.

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