Festive makeup trends of 2020- You definitely need to try!

festive makeup trends
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Festive makeup trends of 2020- You definitely need to try!

Indian festivals are around the corner and shopping for the festive season has never been an easy thing. While some of you may have already decided, what outfit you’re going to wear, I am pretty sure you might have not given much thought on your festive makeup look.

I’ve rounded up 9 festive makeup trends of 2020, that are easy to recreate and will help you spruce up your routine look.

With so many festivals lined back to back, why not make your makeup look different for each occasion?

And honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro in recreating makeup looks.

Given the current pandemic situation, as wearing face-masks are the new norm, these festive makeup trends are mostly heavy on the eyes and light on the lips.

Your eyelids might be a small part on your face, but it’s amazing how a perfect eye makeup can completely make or break a look!

Whether you want to rock that makeup look at your house, or go ahead and look pretty for a socially distanced hang out, you’ll definitely want to try these festive makeup trends of 2020!

I assure you, you’re gonna love them!

1.Graphic Eyeliner

Love a bold, winged eyeliner? Great!

Why not go a step further and create a more dramatic look?

Whether is it your day out or an evening out, this eyeliner look is just perfect.

This hottest graphic eyeliner trend is very creative and encourages you to draw a bold eyeliner with some negative space.


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Can you tell I’m going through a phase with white eyeliner? Obv had to gloss it up on the lid too duh. Also realizing faux freckles are not a vibe for someone like me that works hard to cover all of their freckles & acne scares.. BUT ANYWAYS See below for product details! @toofaced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation @jouercosmetics Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer @maccosmeticscanada Shape & Shade Brow Pen @milanicosmetics lip liner in “Spice” @nyxcosmetics_canada Lip Cream in Onyx @narssisst Orgasm Oil infused Lip tint @fentybeauty Liquid Eyeliner Trio & Killawatt Foil Highlighter in Sandcaste / Mint’d Mojito @urbandecaycosmetics Beached Bronzer @patricktabeauty Monochrome Moment Blush

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This bold beauty statement is perfect for new beginners wanting to add something special to their looks. (Literally, just draw a clean line just above the crease of your eye…and that’s it!)

2.Floating Eyeliner

Most of y’all must be wondering, What exactly is this?

So, the floating eyeliner trend is something that all of us might have seen on runways and editorials, but rarely in real life.

Perks? Your eyeliner just don’t have to stick to your lash line anymore!

Here’s the thing about this look,  basically you don’t have to follow the natural curves of your eyes.

Make your look edgy, by drawing any shape on your eyelid from a straight line to a well defined curve few inches up, around your crease.

This eyeliner trend has an  advantage of adding any color from black to whites to pastels. (Experiment with whichever color you like.)

3.Mismatched Eyeshadow

Up until now, we’ve always been taught about making everything match perfectly. From perfect winged liners to balancing out those cheeks with bright pink blush. But looks like 2020 has broken some of the rules in the makeup industry as well! 

This all new eye makeup is all over the internet, and I can’t get enough of it! 

Instead of matching and sporting the same colors on both the eyes, opting for a mismatched yet complimentary colors will turn a lot of heads up! 

And a great technique for this is by just applying simple, bold and different pop of colors on both the eyes. Instead of matching the colors in both eyes, switch up the colors and make it extra dramatic. 

Color combinations are everywhere! Just pull off two of your favorite hues and you’re good to go! 

Also look for colors which compliments  your skin tone. 

Consider this cool girl look, the next time you’re looking to change things a little bit.

Who’s stopping you girl? (Step outside your comfort zone!)


4.Euphoria Look

Even if you haven’t even seen a single episode of this teen drama, you must have probably spotted  tons of beauty look inspired by this bedazzled look. (Literally…all over the internet!)

Numerous videos have been shared which starts off with someone bare faced, lip syncing to the “Still don’t know my name” song, which then cuts into a darkened room with bright glittery makeup.


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Euphoria inspired make up looks has boosted natural beauty trends, from perfectly placed crystals, playful glitters, intense shades of colors, and of course the rhinestone dripping eyeshadows.

It’s bold, brave and it’s really exciting to see these looks on regular people.

If crystals and glitters scare you, you can always opt-in for high shine metallics.

And, if crystals are your jam, recreate this bomb, rhinestones covered look to take on the center stage.


5.Go Poppin’ with Bright Matte Eyeshadow

Ready to take your love for colors to new levels?

Colored eyeshadows are the new trends that have been doing rounds. It offers an edgy vibe and are full of dimensions.matte festive makeup

Pick a bold color that you love the best and just swipe it o to your lids. (And of course, match it up with your outfit)

This eyeshadow trend offers a level of glam that will add to any night time festive makeup look.

6.Go bright with Neon

Talking of bright colors, can you think of anything other than Bright Neon?

Just when it felt like the world cannot get enough of these bright colors, the fluorescent lemon, and the electric blue shades have become the most vibrant colors of 2020!

I agree, neon can be a tad bit more to sweep it across the entire lid. But thankfully, a minimal makeover is what has been coming into play.


For a quick hint of these fresh colors, try highlighting only one feature by tapping onto the shades in the inner corners of your eyelids.

To keep it subtle yet captivating, neon makeup instantly elevates your look. You’ll give a major cool girl look, without much of an effort. (Always the goal, right?)

7.Glossy Eyeshadow

Not into much of matte eyeshadow trend or the powdered eyeshadows?

This  newest and dewiest makeup trend is just straight up fire and very easy to create (in almost half the time)

Wonderfully, simple!

You can easily achieve this look, by applying a plain or metallic eyeshadow (liquid, cream, powder or gel, anything will do). Also, try to go for bolder colors (and avoid the glitters).

With the help of fingers or a brush,  pat on a bit of clear balm or oil for that extra shine, making the color more opaque and sheer.

It just adds a bit of glamour without looking “too over done”

Jump onto this glossy and glazed look, before it’s too late.

8.Bold and fluttery Mascara / Bright Mascara

Make your eyelash game strong, by volumizing those lashes, full lashes never go out of style!

Another elegant way to add up to your makeup game is by giving a break to the traditional black mascara.

Go a little adventurous and reach out for a vibrant hue like the Green, Blue, Purple, Bright Pink and so on.

The thing about colored mascara is that they are actually very noticeable. And this will definitely make people to take a double look at you!

9.Brushed up Brows

For the past few years, eyebrows have been one of the prime feature to amp up that makeup look of yours.

Darkened, grown out and feathery brows are a go-to trend in 2020. Go for a full thick brow with minimal of visible product, which mostly aims at light and natural look for your festive look.

eyebrow festive makeup

Also, soap brows is another way to make your eyebrows brushed up, luscious and fluffy. (all you need is a bar of soap and a spoolie)

This style gives your eyes a look that is naturally flattering and compliments with every eye look that you sport.



For the face, Glowing skin is always a good idea.  Go for a natural and subtle base with a minimal sun-kissed, dewy make up shine. Don’t forget to enhance those cheekbones with some highlighter!

For the lips, Go for Gradient lips (not too matte, not too glossy) , subtle on the lips. And, this is the most practical way, as a mask friendly lipstick.

Colored hues are everywhere and colorful make up trends are huge right now.

Go all out with these festive makeup trends and let me know whether it was worth trying!

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