Essential fashion accessories- 12 most important accessories of all time

essential fashion accessories
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Essential fashion accessories- 12 must-haves you really need now


Do you know, what is the first thing most of the people notice about you?

Sure, they notice your outfits, your smile, you nose, the way you talk etc. etc…

But, one peculiar thing what they notice is – YOUR SHOES!

Yes, You heard that right!

Many of us tend to underestimate the attention that most people give to, and the person judges you in only the first 3 secs that you meet.

And TBH, First Impressions are pretty hard to change.

So why not make that first impression favorable and invest in your accessories.

I am sure, we all love a great handbag or might have an obsession for shoes!

Accessories add the finishing touches and have the power to elevate any look.

Fashion accessories are effortlessly chic and can change your entire look by adding color and an edge to it.

How To Accessorize

Fashion accessories are fun and exciting, they can turn any of your boring regular outfit into a million dollar look.

How you accessorize your outfits, always is based on your own personal style and the items that you have in your closet. 

Eye-catching accessories offer multiple opportunities for your outfits, and add important details to complete your appearance.
You can transition your entire look by switching up your accessories on the same outfit.
For a day look, you can put on a favorite little dress and style it with sunglasses, a statement earring, a crossbody bag and a pair of sneakers.
Switch up to heels with a pair of sheer stockings for that same dress, add a clutch to it,  and you’ve just transformed the entire look.


Essential Fashion Accessories

For any ensemble to work through, accessories are a must.

The fashion world just not revolves around your outfits, fashion accessories make you look more stylish and spice up any of your looks.

Here are the 12 top essential fashion accessories you really need now to transform your fashion style!

1. A Pair of Sunglasses


A stylish pair of sunglasses are a great way to keep yourself protected from the harsh sun rays and also a great way to elevate any basic outfit.sunglasses

A classic pair of sunglasses is a great investment for a trend-on look. They can change your face, your personal style and even your mood just about instantly.

From aviators to cat-eye to wayfarer’s, sunglasses instantly amps up any basic look. And they are never out of style!

But, make sure the sunglasses coordinates with your face.


2. A Great Hat


Whatever the weather, hats make a perfect style statement.beach hat

Be it a vintage style straw hat for summers or a beanie for winters.

They not only protect your hair (on those bad hair days), but they also add a statement look to your outfit.

3. A Gorgeous Bag

essential fashion accessories - bag

A gorgeous, handy bag has so many uses (goes without saying!).

A good quality handbag is one of the key accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. We never step out of the house without it. (beauty combined with functionality)

It’s the one thing that holds in all the essentials of our daily life.

Tip : Make sure your handbag compliments your shoes!


4. Cute Hair Accessories

essential fashion accessories- hair

Although they might be small accessory, but they definitely have a large impact.

There are a vast variety of of hair accessories for you to choose from. And hair accessories  are just not for kids anymore. They not only keep your hair out of your face, but also are a great way to add spark to any of your hairstyle

The biggest trend in fashion right now are hair accessories. There are tons of bold colored hair accessories out there, that enhances any outfit and gives you a polished and accessorized look. 


5. A Nice Belt


Narrow or wide, plain or dazzled, belts are one of the biggest trends of every season. 

This waist cinching accessory has the ability to add chic look to any outfit be it jumpsuit, overcoat or a long flowy dress or a skirt. 

A narrow belt cinched around an oversized shirt or a blazer gives a fresh and modern look and adds a bit more definition to the look

Chain belts are a great way to add another level of chic and polished look to the simplest of jean and tee combo.

6. A light and airy Scarf


A light weighted scarf is a simple accessory which livens up any boring outfit.

A scarf can be styled in different ways, from wrapping it up around your neck to using it as a hair accessory.

You can also style your plain handbag with a silk scarf . Scarfs are versatile enough, to create a lot of new looks.

Along with being decorative, it also keeps you warm. (just another additional benefit)

7.A pair of Statement Earrings

statement earrings

No outfit is ever complete without a statement accessory.

A pair of statement earrings should be a go-to in every women’s wardrobe. If you’re wearing all neutral, or a monochrome outfit, a pair of long, studded, statement earrings add a focus to your ears and frames your face.

Choose a statement earring, as it is a classic and never goes out of fashion.

New take on hoops (thick, thin, double hooped, colored) are another great piece that you don’t wanna miss on. They quiet honestly never left the fashion market! 

Single statement earrings dominates the whole look when you want to frame your face. It stands on it’s own!


8. A Great Neckpiece



When you have an open neckline, a standout jewelry trend, is fun to experiment with.

Playful vibrant colored statement neckpieces are really fun and bold and adds a rich look. 

Delicate chained neckpieces, add interest to your basic ensemble, for a charming look. 

Don’t be afraid to mix gems and stones for a bold and angular  look.

9. Stacked Bracelets



Stacked bracelets and delicate chains are essential fashion accessories that are bold and adds a texture to your outfit. 

Add to your collection set of minimal chained bracelets, they easily go with any outfit in your wardrobe. Be it gold or silver. (Mixed metals are the new modern look) 

Just the right amount of mixed up bracelets, adds a classic shape to your entire ensemble.


10. Variety of Rings

essential fashion accessories- rings

Rings are the next must haves in a women’s wardrobe. 

Depending on your preference, you can choose to wear multiple rings or just keep it simple with a single one. 

Mid – finger rings gives a very interesting look. Be careful with the layering though. (just not too much!)

Also, if you choose right, a statement ring would be enough for all the outfits!


11. A Watch

essential fashion accessories- watch

Timeless classic, a practical and yet stylish fashion accessory. A Watch is a perfect accessory for  women on the go.

Yet another of the essential fashion accessories, which combines style with functionality.

So many options out there, you can choose a casual watch (which you can slip everyday)  or sport on a modern look with elegant watches.


12. A great pair of Shoes


A great fashion-do in your wardrobe are your shoes! 

From patterned sandals to pointy toes, I pretty much believe that shoes can make you look outstanding

You can add definition by pairing your dress with a contrasting pair of shoes

The right pair of shoes are the key to liven up and complete your entire look. Shoes can spice up your typical outfit.




Let the accessories do their own magic!

Essential fashion accessories add those finishing touches on all of your outfits,  and is the best because it can really just enhance the most basic outfit and make it look so much more styled and put together. 

These essential fashion accessories can freshen up your favorite pieces. These essential fashion accessories are supposed to live in your closet for a long long time. And are a reliable staple for most of the basic outfit to add aesthetics to project your mood. 

The most basic outfit can be completely transformed. 


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