De-clutter- 9 Simple ways to downsize your messy Wardrobe

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 De-clutter- 9 simple ways to downsize your Messy Wardrobe


With all the clothes falling, we all have been struggling to close our closet door sometime or the other.
I am sure, We’ve all been there!

We know it’s a sure thing that our closet needs a cleaning spree to get rid of things that we no longer wear!

Our closets do not just have clothes in it but they also hold a lot of emotions.

It could be quite overwhelming but breaking it down into simpler steps can lighten the load.
When you clear out your closet you may have a lot of guilt on buying something that wasn’t necessary for you at all.

You might also have nostalgia over some clothes. You might not want to get rid of that outfit!

Making a decision, of what to keep and what not to can be a tricky part.

Now, you might be wondering How do I de-clutter?

Firstly, realize the motivation and the intention of wanting to tidy up your closet.

Make it personal, emotional, and meaningful to your own circumstances.

Here are some tried and tested tips that will help you de-clutter and organize your closet.

De-cluttering your closet is quite a boring task alone, for that have some energizing music or interesting podcast going, and a yummy snack nearby, to get you while de-cluttering

De-cluttering seems like a hard, never-ending process, but I promise you the result and feeling is so worth it.

Remember to remain patient with yourself throughout the process.

1.Pull everything out!

Yessss! you heard that right.

Basically, you pull out all the clothes from your wardrobe, so that you don’t miss out on any dresses hiding in the back of your cupboard.pull everything

You might be surprised to see clothes that you have completely forgotten about!
Take them all out and put them in a pile (the KonMari style!)
this will give a fresh start in your newly organized closet.

2.Dust off your closet.

Now that your wardrobe space is a lot more empty, take 10-15 minutes to quickly dust off all the
Make sure to dust, vacuum, and wipe off every nook and corner.

3.Prepare your space/ Have a de-clutter plan

Gather some boxes, or just pile up your clothes in different categories-
you can sort the items of clothing in the following 5 piles

boxes and piles

  • Keep/ Try on – trying on undecided clothing might help you make a decision
  • Give Away/Donate/Sell- If it doesn’t serve you anymore, pass it on.
    Unwanted or unused pieces clutter up most of your space, consider donating them, or putting them up for a sale.
  • Recycle / Trash-  Check your local area for textile recycling. Or if an item is made of 100% fabric (cotton for instance) it can also be composted!
  • Customize/ DIY-  bring out your inner creative soul and make the most of it
  • Seasonal/ Occasional- clothing specific to seasons or occasion, doesn’t have to be at your sight throughout the year. Put them away and out of sight until the right season or occasion comes in.


Having made these categories makes it a lot more easier for you to keep a track of what you’re doing. This will help quicken up the process as well.
After doing a bit of prep work, you are good to go!

4.De-clutter by piling up in categories.

Do not de-clutter and organize at the same time.

Discard first, store later.

Try everything on in your “maybe” pile, that you need to and sort it out in the boxes as you go.try on dresses
You can break the items in the following categories-

  • Pants, skirts, and shorts
  • Shirts
  • Undergarments and socks
  • Workout clothes
  • PJ’s/ lounge-wear
  • Shoes
  • Accessories (jewelry, purses, wallets, scarves, ties, etc)

5.Ask Yourself!

Also, as you are going through each category, Besides the cliché question of Do I like it?
you should ask yourself –

  • When you last wore something?try on
  • Will I actually wear it?
  • Does it fit?
  • Do I need to loose weight to wear this outfit and feel good in it?
  • Is it stained, torn, or outdated?
  • How do I feel when I wear this?
  • Is this a representation of my own self’?
  • Does this item make me feel comfortable?
  • Or as the de-cluttering expert, Marie Kondo suggests- Whether it sparks joy?

If the answer to any of these is negative, consider purging it from your closet.

Keep what brings you joy, but use it!

Deep down you know if you’re ever going to wear something ever again.

Don’t forget to go through items outside of your closet, like shoes and accessories (more on that may be sometime later)

TIP: Don’t hold onto one thing because you once loved it or it used to fit you. rather think of the now– what do you love NOW? What works or suits on you NOW?

6.Get some moral support from your gal pal!

De-cluttering your closet can be quite a task with all the dresses flying every which way. Your brain tries to persuade you to just hoard onto everything already!

So why not have a close friend come over and help you out?friends

Perks you ask? Your support system might give you some brutally honest opinions about your unfortunate buys.
Another perk? It’s easier to let go off the stuff.

7.Reduce, reuse, renew

If you have any clothes that cannot be worn or donated, consider reusing (up-cycling) them.
Found a tired old shirt? Get creative and convert it into a crop top.
You can always go back to Pinterest or Youtube for some really cool DIY ideas. (Pinterest never disappoints!)

  • What if an item is in a ‘sell-able’ condition?
  • Feeling guilty of spending money on a piece that you have barely worn?

I have a solution!

  • Thrift stores are a great way to sell your gently used items.thrift stores
    Pieces that are good in condition and fashionable can find their way in various thrift stores.
    Every woman deserves to look fabulous without spending tons of money.
  • Consider Charity/ Donating.
    It’s easier to de-clutter your closet when you know you can whisk the items off to a deserving person.
    Search for a local donation center, that you can easily leave your items with.

8.De-clutter early and quite often.

While most of us await  the new year as a way to start out fresh and make a resolution, why not start now and start new?
Plan and try to do a wider edit every now and then or maybe every few months, so that it’s not too overwhelming.
By the end of the closet de-clutter, you’ll be excited to gain all the space in your wardrobe all to yourself!

9.Finalize Your Clothing.

Your favorites should be back in your closet and your ‘nopes’ ready to depart of the closet.

Of all the clothes you are keeping, STORE ALL YOUR CLOTHING TOGETHER– don’t store off-season clothing in another area!finalize


FINALLY! You did it!

  • How does it feel?
  • Does an almost empty closet make you feel happy?

Invest your day off to gain something rewarding!

Use these time-tested tips to keep your closet organized and your clothes in perfect shape.
Now, We’re going to work on organizing everything maybe next week, but for now, enjoy your accomplishment and just wait until it’s all organized.

Go from messy to minimal!

Now that you have tidied up the unnecessary mess. It’s time for some Organizing Tips, that will make your wardrobe look all crisp and new. (Stay Tuned!)


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  1. Giiiirl, this post hit me really hard. Especially the part where you said, “don’t hold onto one thing because you once loved it or it used to fit you”. I’ve always had this weird obsession with my old Church dresses that no longer fit me, and so I still have them now. But obviously, they make my closet absolutely packed. I think I’ll have to REALLY consider putting them away this time *sigh*. Thanks for these tips!

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