About Me

Hey there Beautiful people!

This is Mariya, sharing my special space on the internet with yáll!

I am a Dentist by profession but amuse myself and others by playing dress up. (Who says you can’t have best of both worlds?!)

I get a lot of confusing stares everytime I mention my profession because we Doctors are expected to act and dress up a “certain way”.

This little space is a reflection of the things I am passionate about.

I would like to reach all those people who relate to fashion, self care, lifestyle and all things aesthetic.

Through my content, I strive to aid all the lovely people to become the best version of themselves (both inside and out), have a positive mindset and be confident in their own selves!

Now that you got to know me a little, I welcome you to explore and read whatever sparks your interest.

I hope you guys enjoy my page and I want you to know that I am always here to give advice or answer questions, or if you want to just drop in and say  “Hi,” that’s fine too! I’d love to get to know you as well. 🙂