7 Essential shoes every woman should have in her closet.

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7 Essential Shoes every woman should have in her closet- from comfy sneakers to classic heels. 


If there’s one essential item that a woman should have in her closet that has to be SHOES!

A girl can never have enough shoes and I totally agree with it (also live by this quote)

And tell me which woman doesn’t love a good pair of shoes?!

I am sure you must be having so many pairs too!

Having spent the last year in our favorite slippers and pajamas, who doesn’t have the urge to splurge on to our new wardrobe. 

various type of shoes every woman should have
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A killer pair of Shoes add interest to any of your boring outfits and make any simple outfit look chic and elegant. (The cherry on top!)

They are just as important as your outfit and there’s no denial in it. 

If you do it right, shoes are the ultimate investment you can have, with these classics never going out of style. 

If you are running out of space in your closet, you don’t need to jump on to all the trends, you just need these essential shoe styles. 

Now, I know there are endless options and tons of shoes out there to choose from.

But here I have done all the hard work and rounded up 7 attention-grabbing Shoes every woman should have in her closet.  

Keep scrolling to know the absolute and essential shoe styles for every woman’s closet- 

1. The White Sneaker 

A classic white sneaker is something that will make your outfit look cool and effortless. 

They are comfy and in-style always. 

You can wear them with just about anything!

Be it a maxi skirt/dress or a classic button-up and trouser shorts, a pair of white sneakers make any look stylish and polished.  

Sneakers are a must-have, as it is the most functional wear.

From going to the gym to working errands, white sneakers go with almost every outfit that you dorn.  

Shop White Sneakers 



2. Modern Ballet Flats or Skimmer Flats 

For a polished and pulled together look, skimmer flats are an absolute must-have.

They are comfortable, stylish as well as casual. Ballet flats are perfect for everyday wear. 

They are available as plain, dressy, or sparkling. 

Whether they are completely flat or with a little bit of heel, you can pair them up with almost any kind of dress. From pretty pleated dresses and skirts to pieces of denim and jumpsuits. 

Shop Ballet Flats 

3. The Classic Black Pump

The best thing about the classic black pump is that it never goes out of style and pairs well with every outfit. 

They are the most basic chic shoe and is the answer to every outfit dilemma. 

They are simple but elegant for each and every outfit. It elongates your legs and gives an elegant look. 

Patent leather pumps are great to have in your closet. It is the best friend that each girl can totally rely on. 

Black Pumps are by far one of the most favorite shoes of mine!

Shop Black Pumps

4. The Ankle Strap Nude High Heel 

Similar to Black Pumps, Nude heels are insanely versatile. They add a feminine touch to any of the outfits you pair it up with. 

It can be worn in all heel worthy events, from an office meeting to a cocktail party. The Ankle Straps are timeless, which makes any outfit look sexier. 

Nude heels are one of the biggest and the best investment one could ever have. They instantly make you look classy. 

TIP: There are many shades of nude available, so make sure to purchase the one that matches your skin tone

Shop Ankle Strap Nude Heels

5. The Fancy Flats 

These are year-round staple shoes every woman should have in her closet. 

These are perfect for spring-summer dresses, and the backyard BBQ. They look absolutely amazing with flowy skirts and A-line dresses. 

Traveling on a beachy destination? These fancy sandals are the ones you should have handy. 

These sandals look best in the shades of nude, tan, and brown.

Shop Fancy Flats/ Sandals


6. Ankle booties 

A fun pair of ankle booties are easy to style and comfortable to walk in especially in the cooler months. 

Boots give a chic look to your overall outfit and is a little something to add spice to your look. 

A suede ankle boot is a popular one. They can be worn with jeans, dresses, and skirts depending on your mood. And should be a go-to shoe for the fall or winter seasons. 

They can help you to dress up or dress down. 

Shop Ankle Boots 

7. Knee High Boots

A boot style that is always a good choice. 

In colder months, knee-high boots not only keep you warm but also adds an edge to your look. 

They can be paired with anything from your favorite jeans to a short skirt or Spanx leggings. 

Opting for a pair of Knee High Boots in Suede or Leather is timeless and makes any woman feel a bit sexier.  

Shop Knee High Boots 


Shoe shopping is one of the best shopping. The above mentioned are some of the most essential shoes a woman should have!

If you are big on shoes these are some of the staples that you really need to invest in.


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